Автор Тема: Покупатель на ценный лес из Камбоджи.  (Прочитано 7778 раз)

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  Нужен покупатель на ценный лес из Камбоджи. Лесо-торговые и мебельные компании. Хорошие комиссионные. Детали ниже.
 Hello dear sirs!

 KWS Co. Ltd (Khmer Wood Solution, Kingdom of Cambodia) offers delivery of a carving wood from wood of valuable tropical breeds in demand in the markets of Korea, China, Japan and other countries.
The company has own site (13000 Ha) under cutting down in Cambodia and the export license (20000 m3) for all offered types.

Not intermediaries.

 CIF delivery to any port. Full package of documents.

  Botanical names of a tree and price. The price including CIF term to Korea.

 0.3 Afzelia Xylocarpa / Crocodile tree (piece structure)

0.9 Dalbergia Cochinchinansis / Fiery black rosewood - 18000$ and up

0.11 Dalbergia Bariensis / Laotian black rosewood - 2700$\m3

0.13 Pterocarpus Pedatus / Padauk - 2200$\m3

1.13 Shorea Obtusa / Balau -1250$\m3

1.14 Afzelia Bijuga / Merbau -1400$\m3

1.18 Xylia Dolabriformis / Pinkado / Iron tree - 1250$\m3

1.5 Peltophorum ferrugincum/Copperpod Golden

1.23 Hopea Ferrea/Merawan - 1250$\m3

1.20 Terminalia Alata/Laurent Tomentosa - 1250$\m3

 Sizes. Diameter from 20 cm to 60 cm. Length of a bar of 2-4 m.

 Delivery to 2000 m3 in a month (bar).

Payment Terms: L\C
We look for the buyer in Korea, China, Japan and other countries.
 First of all woods trading and furniture companies.

We will be glad to cooperation with you.

Valery N.Novikov

e-mail;  woodcambodia@gmail.com

Dzen and sushi.