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Название: [книга] Russian for Everybody - русский язык для всех - Book & audio + Software
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Russian for All - русский язык для всех
Pages: 423 pages
Publisher: Русский Язык (1988)
Format: PDF, DJVU + MP3 + EXE
Size: 200 MB (books & audio) + 700 MB (software)
Target language: Russian
Source languages: Russian
Source languages software: Rus/Eng/Spa/Fre

A popular Russian Course during the 80's. It's not the complete course, but contains the books - Textbook, Let's Talk and Read and Audio, grammar references with glossary + Phonetic lessons, along with audio.

The complete course contains 7 books:

учебник - textbook
давайте поговорим и почитаем - let's talk and read
грамматический справочник, словарь - grammar references - glossary
вводные уроки - Introductory lessons
лингвострановедческие тексты - linguistic cross-cultural texts
звуковое приложение - sound application
методическое руководство для преподавателя - guidance for teachers

The training software is designed on three levels, each of which is aimed at solving specific educational tasks.

Level 1
The main task of this level is forming elementary knowledge of Russian – oral comprehension of Russian speech, construction of sentences and texts in Russian taking into account phonetic and grammatical norms of the Russian language. Special attention in this part of educational program is aimed at forming articular-acoustic skills.

Level 2
This level is orientated toward forming and strengthening grammatical skills, studying lexicon, and also forming skills for reading and understand of Russian speech.

Level 3
The main aim of this level, the final course of training, is preparing for studies in university where Russian is the language of study. Studies on this level are based on audio and written texts that are used in the real educational process at the Modern Humanitarian Academy.

Each level includes 72 academic hours of study.


[spoiler]Books and Audio files 教材和听力资料
4Shared Folder (http://adf.ly/39828/http://www.4shared.com/dir/32_2nbKs/Russo_para_Todos.html)
Rapidshare (http://adf.ly/39828/http://rapidshare.com/files/443337912/Rfa.7z)
Megaupload (http://adf.ly/39828/http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S3EM6KL6)

TextBook 练习本
FILEFACTORY (http://adf.ly/39828/http://www.filefactory.com/file/ca15fe0/n/RUSO_PARA_TODOS_pdf.rar)
Compendio de gramatica y vocabulario (en castellano - upload by hanu) (http://adf.ly/39828/http://ifile.it/yxt9iu4)

密码: polusharie.com 或者 uztranslations[/spoiler]

Software Russian for All, 1000 practical exercises, in 3 levels:
http://www.russkiymir.ru/russkiymir/en/education/news/news0008.html (http://www.russkiymir.ru/russkiymir/en/education/news/news0008.html)
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