Автор Тема: [!] Поиск бизнес-партнера - РАЗНОЕ (см. 1-й пост)  (Прочитано 71913 раз)

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Re: [!] Поиск бизнес-партнера - РАЗНОЕ (см. 1-й пост)
« Ответ #475 : 10 Октября 2017 14:20:42 »

We are a manufacturer.
We can supply oil products in bulk on a regular basis, including: Light Cycle Oil,
as well as Mazut M-100, D-2 and others.
In order that we could start a dialogue on cooperation, you need to send an official application to our e-mail address, what exactly are you interested in, on what conditions would you prefer cooperation, in what volumes are deliveries per month, for how long is the contract in general, for what prices you will be interested in will work.
The application should be sent to the mail the.bridge.llp@gmail.com, and ooo.thebridge@mail.ru.
We are ready to cooperate on a permanent and mutually beneficial basis.

Yours faithfully,
Leonid Vladimirovich Smirnov.
+7 953 211 11 10

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Re: [!] Поиск бизнес-партнера - РАЗНОЕ (см. 1-й пост)
« Ответ #476 : 12 Октября 2017 10:02:23 »


I offer for sale the Internet-shop in Russia!
Focused on the Russian market!

Do not give up your competitors!

If you are a manufacturer factory,
or an entrepreneur residing in China and wishing to establish supplies and sales of products to the Russian market,

A ready-made online store, simple and easy to use for you, very convenient and comfortable for your customers!

The store is ready to start its work in the field of sales right now!

Specialization can be any!
- clothing, footwear, accessories, clothing stock
- for women, men, teenagers, children
- electronics, computers, laptops, phones, flash drives, etc.
- furniture and household goods
- video surveillance and security systems
- auto parts and tuning
- grocery store with delivery
- building materials
- your wholesale online store of any goods with the delivery of goods around the city or groupage cargo in the regions of Russia!


Information on the site can be easily changed at its discretion,

You can only sell your product!


Advantages of this business project:
- IP registration is not required
- no taxes
- does not require special knowledge
- You can work at home
- ATTENTION! for those who already own their business - it becomes possible to expand the boundaries of sales and access to the regions!
- JUST! and you can work with almost no investment!
goods do not have to be available, you can put on the site the goods with their mark-up from the supplier you like or from a well-known Chinese trading platform and after payment to redeem the goods
- the best option in the midst of the crisis to work for yourself and without additional investment.

The Internet has no boundaries and only your ambitions depend on how global your business will be.

Now is the time to learn how to trade online.
This skill will give you the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.
While they will make the first attempts, you will already occupy the first positions!


ALL CONSULTATIONS and on any questions,

- help in finalizing the design,
- settings of payment methods,
- promotion of your store on the Internet,
- Setting up advertising companies on the Internet for your new business!
- if necessary, further support of your Business!

Your competitors can be successful in time!


Possible rental, followed by a buy-out!

Are you ready to consider YOUR PRICES OFFER?

With your real offers and interest, we will provide a demo-house to the management of the store!
For review and testing.

We will answer in full on ALL YOUR QUESTIONS


WatsApp +7 999 04 06 100
Telegram @ consultant24h
Skype consultant24h
ICQ 600 557 987
E-mail: 4c0m@mail.ru

Have a nice day!

You are given all rights and access (after payment) + we will help you for FREE, if necessary, reorient, change contact information, address on the card, price, list of services, etc.

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Re: [!] Поиск бизнес-партнера - РАЗНОЕ (см. 1-й пост)
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Продаем газ  спбт ,недорого с КZ, заявки на ( consul789@yandex.ru )

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Re: [!] Поиск бизнес-партнера - РАЗНОЕ (см. 1-й пост)
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Ищу партнеров в Китае. нужны люди, которые очень хорошо понимают по русски, и по китайски. Интернет коммерция с инвестиционным золотом в слитках высшей пробы 999,9. Буду всему обучать, показывать и рассказывать. Компания англо швейцарская. Довожу до результата. Бизнес очень солидный, серьезный и интересный.

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Наша компания, международный ЦОД в Москве, будет рад обсудить услуги колокейшн в нашем дата-центре с китайскими компаниями.